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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Master Product Review Back Online

   I am Sorry that Master Product Review Blog was down for 6 Days. There was a few errors on my part that caused Google Search Engines to lock Master Product Review Blog. I have come to lean that once a review has been posted, and submitted to Google Search Engines it can not be modified. Once modified and resubmitted to Google Search Engines, The similarities between the (2) Two submissions causes Google Search Engines to detect it as copies. Which causes spam.
  This is good that Google Search Engines is on top of keeping spam down to a minimal. Once Google detected similarities in my blog. Google took appropriate action and held my blog for review to make sure it was not spamming. This only proves that Google is doing there part to make every ones online surfing and Internet experience enjoyful as possible without spam or spamming leading you to the same place over and over.
   I give Google thumbs up for the effort they put into keeping everything in order, so that everyone can enjoy there Internet experiences.   

Monday, March 14, 2011

Product Review of Real Writing Jobs

                                            Real Writing Jobs                                       

We are looking for some people that are interested in working from
their home on a part or full-time basis.

If you want to earn $100, $200 or even up to $500 a day, and you
don't mind writing some short opinions up, this is the perfect
opportunity for you!
We work with hundreds of companies such as 20th Century Fox,
Paramount Entertainment, Ford Motor Company, Google and more!
We recruit people to fill 1000s of jobs for companies like this
every year.
Many of these jobs are simple online writing tasks, such as blogging
about a movie that you recently saw, commenting on what your opinion
is of a certain kind of car, proof reading simple documents and more!

Some of the positions that are available are:

- Write Short Reviews of Restaurants (Up To $150 per review)
- Write Simple Blog Posts (Up to $30 per Blog Post)
- Review Hollywood Movie Scripts (Up to $500 per Movie Script)
- Write Short Articles about a Variety of Topics (Up to $200 per article)
- Review Websites for Inappropriate Content (Up to $20 an hour)
- Proofread Content for Mistakes (Up to $20 an hour)

These companies are fighting for exposure on the internet and know
the more people blogging about them, means the more exposure they
are going to get, and ultimately the more money they are going to make
There has been an explosion in the need for online writers,
.regardless of skill. These companies are more interested in your
honest genuine opinions when you're writing blog entries about their
company... not if you are a very talented writer.
If you're looking for work, or just want to make some part time
money on the side, please come check out the jobs we have available.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

About Master Product Review

    Master Product Review is a of  product reviews that I have done on various product. At times review of products is one of the best forms of consumer reports available. When a review of a product is done, The reviewer does several tasks to perform a accurate honest review of the product or products that the reviewer must review. By doing this the reviewer must research the product for review by following a research method of buying the product so the reviewer can use the functions of said product and deduce if the product is worthy of sale
    After the reviewer reviews the actual product, the reviewer then uses a another research method called social networking. This involves doing a search for other forms of accuracy by researching your basic websites, newsletters, reviews, and magazines. Such as product reviews, user reviews, buyers guide, consumer guide, consumer reports, consumer reviews and customer reviews.
    By getting the feedback from the customers experience of the product. The reviewer can get a general idea as to worthiness of the product and then is able to give a accurate and reliable evaluation of the product reviewed.
    That is how a product reviewer, reviews products. It takes time and patients to research a product completely to give a accurate review. But it is worth the time in the end, cause a product reviewer builds trustloyalty, and respect for the accurate reviews done. 
    My name is Scottie RussellMaster Product Review is my blog. Please feel free to join or follow me on facebook or twitter, Or my Blog, or my email:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Product Review of Thirty One Gifts

Thirty One Gifts
The History of  Thirty One Gifts
                                Six years ago I was working full time in corporate America, trying to live life with my husband and our two children, managing work, home, church, kids’ activities and still trying to find time for myself. On top of all that, I am a girl, and girls must shop, right? My busy lifestyle made it so difficult to find time to visit all of those cute little gift boutiques where the really great products are. I decided it was time for working mom’s, single women, and even grandmothers to get a chance to shop on their terms. I had a great experience with direct selling and knew of the potential behind owning your own business and prayed diligently about offering something that would help women contribute to their lives financially and the lives of countless others. It is from this passionate resolve that Thirty One was born.
       Our products are exclusive to Thirty One and provide style and convenience at an amazingly affordable price. From our key product line, to our “direction” line for teens, or our uniquely crafted31kid” line for children and moms, you will find so many options to fit every personality type and every situation. We continue to develop new products built on the idea that our products must be stylish, functional, affordable and easy to give as gifts to encourage someone special.

This is My Master Review of Thirty One Gifts. Thirty One Gifts is a collection of custom handbags, purses, and unique designer products for women, teens, kids, and babies. Thirty One Gifts specializes in defining a very unique approach to custom designer products. By giving customers personalized monogram laser etching for the following products: purses,handbags, wallets, address labels, hand towels, beach towels, stationary accessories, baby bibs and baby burp cloth sets. These are just a few of the many specialized personal products that can be found at Thirty One Gifts.

Thirty One Gifts exclusive Designer purses, handbags, wallets, and baby products exceeds other retailer products in its class by giving an unequalled precedence with personalizing its product to suit each individuals needs.

By integrating monogram etching into Thirty One Gift products allows room for individuals an array of unique designer possibilities of how to personalize their Thirty One Gifts product. From having the initials of their name, a favorite number, or to a word that identifies a special time in their life that gives meaning to something they would like to remember.

At first glance of Thirty One Gifts and from reading the history of Thirty One. We Find that Thirty One Gifts was created by a working wife and mother, whom wanted to balance Her shopping, working, and home life to get a better medium of free home time with Her family. Cindy Monroe, Founder & CEO of Thirty One Gifts brought Her dreams to life, by sewing purses and handbags in Her basement to give other working women and mothers a place where they could shop to economize their time between working, wife, mother and shopping. Anyone can not help but to have respect Cindy Monroe and the effort She has put into the creation of Thirty One Gifts.

Cindy Monroe, Founder & CEO of Thirty One Gifts has even made it possible for other working wives and mothers to become Consultants to Thirty One Gifts. By giving women whom are like She was the chance to become a part of Thirty Ones Gifts.

Thirty One Gifts is a great place for men to get unique, memorable gifts for that special someone in there lives. The Fitted Elite Skirt Purse imonogrammed to a certain someone is a great gift for all men to consider for their special someones birthday, anniversary, or just to let  that special someone know you love them.

This is My Master Product Review of Thirty One Gifts. My Review gives Thirty One Gifts 100%. I have added links though out My review that will connect you to Thirty One Gifts Website where you can view all there product and order. This month Thirty One Gifts Is Promoting Spring Sale. View Banner below. Take a look at what Thirty One Gifts has to offer. My Name is Scottie Russell contact me if you would like more information on Thirty One Gifts or Would like Me to review a product for you for free.

Monday, February 28, 2011

     Here's what you should know: PhotoEditorX™ & GIMP is a powerful fully-featured all-in-one pixel-based, image manipulation, enhancement and editing program. You can use it to edit photographs and other graphics, or you can create stunning graphics from scratch with it.
You can get amazing results in just a few minutes simply by experimenting with our easy-to-use controls & special effects.
     It can be used to process digital graphics and photographs. Typical uses include creating graphics and logos, resizing and cropping photos, changing colors, combining images using a layer paradigm, removing unwanted image features, and converting between different image formats.
     It can also be used to create animated images using an improved layers method. The full capabilities of this software extend much further, however, and include advanced image editing, digital photography manipulation, and professional graphics creation.




Monday, February 21, 2011

What My Blog Is About

100% Proven, Master Product Review gives the most Accurate
Review on any Product Reviewed. 100% guaranteed results on What Products are
Good Deals and What Products are Scams. More and more increasingly as the
Internet Business Industry grows, more doors open up with new technology to
steal your hard earn money. I have lost a considerable amount of money trying
these Products, E-books, and Downloads, Software, and Get Rich Methods. It
sounds good when you read it; it looks good when you see, but the underline
things you do not see until you order it is what hurts you in the end. In some
cases it could cost you thousands. I just recently started a Blog on Google
Blogger That gives a Review of a small portion of just a few Products I have
tested and tried. If you want a Product Reviewed contact me and I will Review
and Post my Findings on the Product For Free.

Contact Info:
  or  you can Follow Me on Facebook and Twitter. My
Name is Scottie Russell lets work together to put an end to the scam artist.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Master Review of Mobile Detective/Spy Bubble


100% Proven, Master Product Review gives the most Accurate Review on any Product reviewed. 100% guaranteed results on what Products are Good Deals and what Products are Not.
    Spy Bubble Is Powerful, Yet Covert Cell-Phone Monitoring Software That Tracks And Records All Information In Real-Time....Which Can Then Be Viewed From Any Computer In The World!
    Spy Bubble is a software system that will allow you to log in from any computer and supervise any Smart Phone, Blackberry, or IPhone on real time. After installing on any phone that is given to a family member (Spouse,Children,Significant Other,Colleague, or an Employee) of yours. You can monitor what is done with Spy Bubble enabled phone from your computer. Using a User name and Password of your choosing, you can supervise the following without being detected.
    Call Tracking: Can see the phone number of incoming and outgoing calls. Can see the times calls were made and the duration of each call. If the phone number is registered under a name in the Spy Bubble enabled phone phone memory, you can see it. You can log into Spy Bubble account and listen to recorded conversion of all incoming and outgoing calls.
    SMS tracking: you can read any message that is received by or sent from Spy Bubble enabled phone. The messages are logged into your Spy Bubble Account when they are generated, so you can read them, even if the holder of Spy Bubble phone erases them.
    GPS Tracking: You can track the exact position of the Spy Bubble enabled phone using Google Maps. Even if the phone is mobile.
    Phone Book Access: Spy Bubble enabled phone gives you access to every number registered in the phones memory.
     Special features: Spy Bubble enabled phone can activate the phones mic and record conversions even when the person is not on phone. Spy Bubble enabled phones are 100% undetectable.
     Phones compatibility: Blackberry 0Sx4.2.1 or higher/Android 1.0 or higher/ Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack1, 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 and 5th Edition phone/IPhone OS 2.x3.x and 4.x/ Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x.

     In order for Me to Review Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble. I had to order it to be able to give a Accurate Review and to Satisfy my Curiosity to the Capabilities Described Above to Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble. I'm truly amazed at the discovery's and finding of facts that I found in Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble. 
     I have to admit, when i first heard of  Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble, Also known under various names such as: Android 1, Android Spy, Blackberry Monitoring , Bluetooth Mobile Spy, Cell Phone Spy, Mobile Spy Software, Symbian Phone Spy, Windows Mobile, and Many more names under different topics.  I was very Skeptical about whether this software will do all it claims, with the bonus of being 100% Undetectable.
    Modern Technology is advancing people into the Realms of  Fantasy and Sci-fi/Dreams and Fairy Tales, by opening Our Minds and Spiraling us into a  New Era of Reality. Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble is a Unique Software designed to help glean information on Cheating Spouses, Cheating Significant Others, The where abouts of your Children and their Well Being, and Businesses whom believe that Vital Information or Money is being Stolen from there Companies.
    I have seen Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble in ActionSpy Bubble Software Performs at 100% Efficiency. Spy Bubble recorded all functions that transpired on on my Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble enabled phone. That can not be Induced, Changed, nor Tampered With. I was Unable to Detect Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble on my Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble enabled phone. To the point that I called my Phone Carrier and asked to have my Phone Tested for Anything not apart of Regular Phone Set UpI Also had my Phone Carrier Reset my Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble enabled phone, which Did Not Detect nor Stop Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble from Functioning Normally
    I have found Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble 100% Undetectable and Accurate. In Past Times, people have Paid Reverse Phone Lookup Companies like: INTELIUS, US SEARCH, PEOPLE FINDERS, and PHONE DETECTIVE to find that unknown phone number that just Called and Hung up on Our Spouses Phone, Our Significant Others Phone, or Our Child's Phone. Only tom have to wait up to (2) days for results, or end up with a name of a 73 year old man in Vermont (8) States a way.
    Or Hire Private Investigator Companies like: ICS WORLD or CHEATING SPOUSE PI to Track Down and  Monitor your Employees actions to see if He or She is Dishonest with your Company or Find out if that Nagging Feeling about your Spouse, Significant Other, or Child is True. This Option can take up to Weeks or in some cases Months and can be very Costly. With Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble you have all the Tools you need with a 100% Accuracy at your Disposal with Real Time Data, That Records As It Happens.
     If you feel like you are being Taken Advantage Of or Not Being Done Right. Then Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble is for you. It only takes a few minutes to Install and is Relativity Cheap. The Information you can Glean from Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble could change your Beliefs and Life Forever.
     This is my Master Review of Mobile GPS/Spy Bubble, My Name is Scottie Russell, I can be reached at:,, or email address: Feel free to Join my Blog or Contact my Email if you have any questions or want me to do a review of a product.